Preparing for a Preliminary Vehicle Appraisal

These reports are designed to assist clients who feel that they have been offered a low amount for the vehicle.  

  1. The Autosource Appraisal or Mitchell Appraisal
  2. Has the vehicle been in any previous accidents that cumulatively exceed $2000?
  3. Has the vehicle ever been registered outside of British Columbia?
  4. The mileage on the vehicle today (if more than 3 months from date of loss)
  5. Law Firm file number

The documents listed below are bonus items and not 100% necessary to complete the report. They help us better understand the vehicle:

  1. Any documents related to maintenance/upgrades to your vehicle
  2. A bill of sale from when the vehicle was purchased
  3. Any images of the damages (if damaged)
  4. Any images of the vehicle (before the accident occurred)

To get started:

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