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Do you have an Accelerated Depreciation Claim?

The Fournier Auto Group provides valuations that establish your vehicle's lost value, necessary for pursuing an Accelerated Depreciation claim. ICBC will tell you that you have to wait to sell your vehicle to prove Accelerated Depreciation. You do not. And we can help.

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The documents and information for preliminary and full depreciation reports and vehicle appraisals as well as accelerated depreciation precedent judgements can be found here. Find what you're looking for here.

“Highly recommend getting Rob Fournier to get you back the money you deserve on the financial loss you have suffered on the value of your vehicle. I had an extensive amount of damage done to my new car by a negligent driver. Although ICBC paid for allthe repairs I was still at a loss for the depreciated value of my vehicle. Rob provided mewith an Accelerated Depreciation Report which got me my lost value back from ICBC. I was able to keep it out of court which was a huge time saver and spared me the stress.Rob was also very helpful, insightful and professional. From my personal experience I would recommend Rob's services to anyone who is facing a similar circumstance.”

– Teha Lagah

“Rob at Fournier Auto Group was extremely helpful in assisting me with my accelerateddepreciation claim. He went over and above just simply preparing the report. It is obvious they are passionate above improving the the current ICBC system dealing with these types of claims”

– Mark A