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The Civil Resolution Tribunal accepts the Fournier Auto Group's expertise and awards accelerated depreciation

Lai v. LeungOn balance, I accept Mr. Fournier’s opinion on the Porsche’s valuation and its accelerated depreciation. I find it more likely than not that the collision caused the repaired Porsche to depreciate quicker than it otherwise would have, at a rate of about 2.5% to 3.5%. I find Mr. Lai has not proven that his loss was more than the lower end of this continuum. Based on the Fournier Report valuation, I find that Mr. Lai is entitled to a total of $1,805 in damages for accelerated depreciation.The award includes reimbursement for the Fournier Auto Group Report.

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It may not be as bad as you think. A lesson in accelerated depreciation

It's exciting to see how far accelerated depreciation has come over the last few years.  We came from needing to start a proceeding in small claims court to simply now needing to tell your adjuster (ICBC) you are making a claim.  We still have a ways to go, but there is movement which is great!

In my opinion there are a number of contributing factors to why accelerated depreciation exists.  Psychology, poor repairs, the risk involved with buying a previously damaged vehicle, lack of resources to help minimize the loss and stigma.

Today I'm going to speak to the topic of a lack of resources to help minimize accelerated depreciation.

Where would you go if you were trying to sell a vehicle that had been damaged and then repaired?  There are very few resources online, if any, that help a consumer determine their vehicles value.  Most people go to a dealership to figure out their vehicles worth.  But there are a few issues with this.

A dealership may:
Offer a fair trade in price at who…

How to research a vehicle accident repaired in British Columbia

When a vehicle has been repaired in British Columbia by ICBC, there is a document that is created by the body shop called a CL14 Repair Supplement.  ICBC refers to this as a Detailed Damaged Report.  A template of the report is shown below.  This document is used by body shops to invoice ICBC.  It has all the information regarding the repair i.e. parts, labor costs, and the breakdown of structural, mechanical or body work.  This is an important first document.  You can purchase this document from ICBC for approx $19.00.  This document is used by other insurance companies as well, but we'll focus on ICBC for today.

Why this is important to have is it gives you an understanding of the damages.  Most people only look at the number.  Often a buyer will hear "it has a $6000 accident".  To some people this might frighten them away because they don't understand what that number is.  The detailed damage report or CL14, allows you to have some background to the repair.  Parts…

Buying and selling vehicles that have been in an accident

Buying and selling vehicles that have not previously been damaged can be challenging enough.  Add in an accident history and all bets are off.  It has been my experience that because there is very little trust when people are buying used vehicles as soon a person hears there has been a previous accident, most people shut down like a robot being powered down.  It is already complicated enough, let alone trying to figure out what happened.

This blog will focus on helping buyers and sellers in British Columbia learn about damages and how to sell a vehicle that has been damaged.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Topic 1 - How to research a vehicle accident repaired in British Columbia
Topic 2 - Selling a vehicle that has been previously damaged and then repaired - coming soon....

Google Review - Five Stars

Highly recommend getting Rob Fournier to get you back the money you deserve on the financial loss you have suffered on the value of your vehicle. I had an extensive amount of damage done to my new car by a negligent driver. Although ICBC paid for all the repairs I was still at a loss for the depreciated value of my vehicle. Rob provided me with an Accelerated Depreciation Report which got me my lost value back from ICBC. I was able to keep it out of court which was a huge time saver and spared me the stress. Rob was also very helpful, insightful and professional. From my personal experience I would recommend Rob's services to anyone who is facing a similar circumstance. Teha Lagah

It's time to amend the $2000 accident declaration law in British Columbia

My understanding is that this law was brought into play in the 1970s.  Its obvious purpose was to make sure consumers knew when they were purchasing a vehicle that had previously sustained damages of $2000.

This law made sense in the 1970s when a head light was $20.  Today it is not uncommon to see LED headlamp assemblies that can cost over $2000 for a single unit.  The cost of parts and repairs have increased dramatically and unfortunately this law has stayed the same.

The one interesting this about this law that most people don't understand is that you must declare any damages that cumulatively exceed $2000.  This is not per incident, but if you have numerous damages that add to more then $2000.

Example would be a 2012 Rav4 Limited

2012 - Windshield replace - $700
2013 - Bumper damaged and repainted $1500

$2200 in damages

This owner must now disclose a $2000 declaration.  Take a look at the wording used on the tax transfer.  "Cumulative Vehicle Damage".

Consequently t…

2016 Judgement awarding Accelerated Depreciation

Rutter v, Adams
2016 BCSC 554

[311]As a result of the first accident, Ms. Fletcher’s 2006 Toyota Matrix sustained damage that cost $9,282.46 to repair.  She says that its value was reduced as a result.  When Ms. Fletcher and Kevin Fletcher became frustrated with repeated trips to the automotive repair shop and what they viewed as inadequate repairs to the vehicle, prepared it for sale.  It was a fully loaded 2006 Matrix, which appeared to be in reasonably good condition.  As they did not believe they would be able to sell it privately with its history, they traded it in at a dealership.
[312]The defendants dispute this claim. [313]Mr. Scarrow’s Accelerated Depreciation Assessment Report, dated September 8, 2011, includes the following: It is my opinion the result of the collision repairs upon the vehicles Actual Cash Value was accelerated in terms of depreciation by Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars [$2500/Cdn.] plus applicable taxes. [314]As set out in Signorello v. Khan2010 BCSC 1448 (C…