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Independent Vehicle Examiners (IVE)

The need for an Independent Vehicle Examiner or IVE for short, may arise in a number of situations.  (Our IVEs)  

Common reasons to hire an IVE are:

Total Loss of a vehicle - After a vehicle has sustained damages, insurance companies may determine the vehicle to be a total loss. At this point they will make an offer as to what they think the vehicles is worth. In some instances this value may be fair and some times not. The Fournier Auto Group's Appraisals can be used as evidence to show a higher cash value.
The report used for these situations are: Preliminary Vehicle Appraisals 

Vehicle is damaged but not written off - This loss is know as Accelerated Depreciation or Diminished Value. Accelerated Depreciation happens when a vehicle has been damaged, and then repaired and the cost of the repair reduces the vehicles value. The Fournier Auto Group provide reports that can be used to negotiate with Insurance companies or for litigation Purposes 

 The reports used for negotiating with Insurance compares are: Preliminary Accelerated Depreciation Reports

Current Market Value - There are a number of situations where a Current Market Value Appraisal is needed.  The Fournier Auto Group can provide these reports in a timely and convenient manner.  Examples may be, but not limited to:


Estate and
Lease End valuations