Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In my travels I recently stumbled upon this awesome website.  Automotive brochures going back a few years.  I often need to research the packages and options offered on older vehicles and I found this to be great when researching vehicles.  

A car brochure or catalog is part of a heritage of art, craftsmanship, design, layout and technology. Some car companies spend more resources on a series of photographs; scouting a location, setting up equipment and maximizing the natural and/or artificial light as another manufacturer spends on their whole range of brochures made on their preset template. This span in resources and commitment creates a very wide and interesting spectrum of car brochures.In today's world most car brochures are only available for one year. The automobile enthusiast often has a daunting task searching for older literature regarding most car models. are trying to save this vanishing information for present and future car enthusiasts.The brochures listed on this site are created for the US market, except for small scale productions; i.e. Aston Martin, Bentley etc. where the brochures mainly are made for the international